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Replacement Webbing/Seat Bottoms 

"Back in the day" when many of the older styles of furniture were introduced, Erwin and Sons used an elastic material to make the webbing under the seat cushions. This was "the best technology" of the day. However, over time, this material stretched out and caused the cushions to sag. In about 2010, they began to use a new vinyl material which is much more durable. To date, we have never had to replace one of the newer frames with the vinyl material.
If you are not sure if your furniture is by Erwin and Sons, text a picture to 678-776-6763. We can probably identify the furniture for you. In either case, check the measurements. If the measurements work, that's what counts!

These replacement webbing frames/seat bottoms are designed to be used with Erwin and Sons (Bahama Winds) Outdoor Wicker furniture. However, check the measurements. They may fit other brands as well.

Current 2023-24 prices are:

                 Chair/Single Glider.............$ 95*

                 Love Seat/Double Glider...'.$150*



*Shipping is via UPS and is billed as incurred. Webbing prices subject to change without notice. Call to verify prices at 678-776-6763.


63"L x 21"W. Diagonally, square corner to curved corner, 65 1/2".

Edited Image 2016-02-29 15-11-37_edited.


41"L x 21"W. Diagonally, square corner to curved corner, 44 1/2". 

Chair or Glider Seat Bottom


20 3/4"L x 19 1/16"W. Diagonally, square corner to curved corner, 26 1/2".


This is NOT a "do it yourself repair kit" to reweb your existing webbing frame. You just lift out the old frame and drop in the new replacement frame. That's all there is to it!

All of our webbing frames/seat bottoms are made by Erwin and Sons. They are NOT "knock offs." So, you can expect the high quality associated with Erwin and Sons' products. 

Replacement webbing is in stock and is shipped directly to you via UPS.

                    CALL  678-776-6763 TO PLACE YOUR ORDER.

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