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                                                 2024 CUSHION PRICES
      Replacement Cushions for Bahama Winds or Tortuga Outdoor  Furniture


If you are replacing cushions for Erwin and Sons (Bahama Winds) Outdoor Wicker or Tortuga Outdoor, templates are already set up so as to reduce costs and speed production. If you are not sure whether or not your cushions are by Erwin and Sons or Tortuga, just text a picture of your furniture to 678-776-6763. We will assist you in identifying your particular style. Then you can select a fabric and we can provide you with a quote.

All of our cushions are made in the USA. The cushions are made with outdoor foam and solution dyed acrylics by Sunbrella and have a 5 year warranty against fading. Fabrics are graded A through F. Grade A is the least expensive and Grade F is the most expensive. However, all have the same warranty. Some just cost more to make than others. Prices by grade are as follows:
    A      $215
    B      $245
    C      $265
    D      $325
    E      $400
    F      $500
The prices above are for a single cushion (which includes seat and back):
    -without cording/welting
    -with a single button/no button /4 buttons in the back. No difference in price.


To calculate prices for other items:
    -for a loveseat, multiply the price above by 2
    -for a sofa multiply the price above by 3
Ottomans are:
    A        $82
    B        $90
    C        $95
    D      $115
    E      $135
    F       $165

If you want cording/welting) on any item, add 10%.

Shipping is free on all cushion orders over $500.

Prices do not include 7% sales tax.


                             SAMPLE CUSHION PRICE:

         1 Sofa Cushion, C Grade (3 X $265)       $795.00
         4 Buttons in back                                             NC
           Cording/Welting (Add 10%)                      79.50
           Shipping (FREE… over $500)                      NC
           Sales Tax @ 7%.                                         61.22
           Total due                                                  $935.72

Do you think you are ready to buy?

Here’s what you do:

1. Check out budgetary pricing (above) and decide which grades best fit your budget. Tap here for a list of all the Sunbrella fabrics and their associated grade.

2. Select a fabric. Go to (or tap here) and look under outdoor upholstery fabrics. We do not carry ALL of the fabrics. Some fabrics are exclusive and can only be purchased from the designing company. I can send you the list of fabrics we carry and their associated grade or you can find the list at my website ( under “Replacement Cushions”) or tap here. I can also send you a list of the fabrics we strive to keep in stock. This list can translate to shorter wait time.

3.Text me or call me at 678-776-6763 and tell me the items you would like to order. I will respond with a quote for you to review.

4. If satisfied with your quote, call me with your credit card and your order will be placed.

Custom cushions usually arrive about 4-5 weeks after receipt of order. All depends on fabric availability. However, if you are in a big hurry because you didn’t anticipate some big event, we have a few cushions in stock but they will be more expensive than custom cushions and colors will be limited. But, if this is your situation, call me and let’s talk. I can ship these in less than a week.


At the time you place your order, I can check fabric availability. It is always best to have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice, just in case.

Full payment is due when order is placed. We accept all major credit cards and give a 10% discount for cash (greenbacks only).

References available upon request.

                Replacement Cushions for All Other Brands of Outdoor Furniture

For Gensun, Patio Renaissance, Tropitone, Woodard, Lloyd Flanders and Ebel, we normally source directly from the manufacturer. These take about 4-6 weeks, depending on fabric availability and current work volume. We can give you a quote within an hour. Expect delivery in about 4 weeks, depending on fabric availability and work volume. Over 500 Sunbrella fabrics are available. To view the selection, just tap here. 

For all other brands...try to determine the manufacturer. If you do not have the original receipt, there is usually a label with the name somewhere on the furniture. If you have trouble, send me a picture and maybe I can help you out. If you cannot determine the brand, we will have the replacements custom made. This is what you need to do:

1. Measure your cushions...length, width and thickness. Measure from seam to seam. If the cushions are squares or rectangles, no need to send pictures. However, if curved or irregular shaped, please send a picture.

2. State how many of each size cushion is needed.

3 Provide a "ship to" address so that shipping charges can be calculated.

4. Select a fabric. We carry over 300 Sunbrella fabrics. Tap here for Sunbrella fabric selections. Tap here to determine the Sunbrella fabric grade. (Fabrics are graded. A grade is the least expensive and F grade is the most expensive. All have the same warranty. Some fabrics just cost more to make.) Once I receive the above information, I'll send you a quote.

5. If you decide to proceed, You will need to remove the cushion "skin" for each different sized cushion needed. These skins will be used as patterns to make your new cushions. They will not be returned. Pin a note to each skin with the quantity of that cushion required. I will send you the address of the cushion company so that you can ship the skins. I will also send you a Purchase Order to be included in the box. You will receive your new cushions in 4-8 weeks depending on fabric availability and work volume.

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